Employment & Labour Law

Our Employment & Labour Law Practice is well known for our practical business perspective and solutions in guiding clients through the complex morass of employment laws and regulations in the most highly regulated area of business. We often take a preventative approach to labor and employment law to minimize liability and to enable our clients to stay focused on the business at hand.

Our practice covers the full range of labor and employment matters. In particular, we advise on wide-ranging employment issues relating to large-scale restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, redundancies, business transfers and collective disputes and the establishment of employee benefits and incentives. Our lawyers handle senior executive appointments and severance; manage employee relations, policy matters, works councils, and trade union issues and disputes; advise and litigate on equal employment opportunity and discrimination-based issues; and defend and prosecute claims involving the protection of business assets and reputations. Furthermore our work includes advising and litigating on executive remuneration and related regulatory and disclosure obligations; unfair competition; service contracts and related documents; non-competition and confidentiality agreements; restrictive covenants / trade secrets; labour related accidents; work councils; individual and group severance arrangements; and contracting out of services.

We have extensive expertise in tackling clients’ complicated employment challenges. As a result, key executives and human resources professionals in diverse organizations rely on us to help resolve workforce issues quickly, efficiently, and sensitively. Our clients include HR professionals, directors, senior executives and in-house lawyers; we advise them on all aspects of their day-to-day operations, providing advice and guidance that’s specifically tailored to their line of business. Our counseling services include: advice on workforce reductions and related issues; wage-and-hour compliance under Greek Law and EU regulations; workplace privacy issues, including evolving data privacy laws; investigating and responding to complaints of discrimination and averting; retaliation claims; severance agreements; performing employment law compliance surveys.

We have significant experience to help and guide companies and their Human Resources Departments to achieve a reduction of personnel expenses by enforcing employment law solutions, special programs, policies and strategies, providing guidance on implementing workplace policies which comply with the new laws, assistance and advise on the drafting of all HR-related documentation in order to avoid the many potentially expensive problems that can occur, including contracts of employment, ensuring their compliance with the ever-changing legislation and also advising on the enforceability of post-termination restrictive terms; disciplinary and grievance procedures; e-mail and internet user policies; advise on issues such as holiday entitlement and payment, maternity rights etc. Our work also includes: drafting employment policies and providing guidance on their application to specific employee circumstances; assisting clients in identifying and avoiding employment-related problems before they occur, including through the use of internal employment audits; advising on affirmative action programs and procedures to enhance equal employment opportunities.

With regard to employment training in particular, we offer our clients seminars and workshops designed to keep human resources professionals and in-house counsel up to date on the latest developments in all areas of labor and employment, workplace health and safety, and employee benefits law. We also devise and deliver tailored in-house training sessions on a variety of topics for human resources professionals, in-house counsel, managers and employees and put together training programs that can be conducted by in-house managers and then replicated throughout the company.

Our Employment & Labour Law Practice offers legal and strategic advice on a wide range of matters, including the following:

  • Management and Employees Training Programmes
  • Compliance Issues
  • Executive Employment Agreements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions & Corporate Changes
  • Employment Disputes and Litigation
  • Workforce Restructuring
  • Drafting Employment Policies
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Compensation Structures
  • Policies & Handbooks
  • Auditing & Due Diligence
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Union Organizing
  • Severance Arrangements
  • Documentation Drafting and Vetting
  • Non-competition agreements and related issues
  • Redundancy Programmes
  • Restrictive Covenants & Trade Secrets
  • Occupational Health & Safety