Antitrust & Competition Law

Our Competition Law Practice (EU and national) is committed to working closely with clients to achieve their commercial objectives, and consistently demonstrates value by:

  • delivering expert, innovative, commercial advice on law, risk and strategy
  • quickly developing a deep understanding of the markets and industries in which you operate
  • combining quality and efficiency to ensure optimum value for money.

Unusually amongst other Greek legal practices, we have a number of senior lawyers who have worked inside government and competition/regulatory agencies – giving us a better understanding of the approach and priorities of competition officials, policymakers and enforcers, and enhancing the value of the services we offer.

Our Competition Law Practice prides itself on its counseling ability – so that clients can avoid costly litigation through preventive counseling. We work to ensure our clients’ business practices and strategies are compliant with competition rules. This includes:

  • reviewing business strategy and key agreements;
  • advice on abuse of dominance and monopolies issues;
  • advice on licensing, distribution, exclusivity, non-compete provisions and parallel imports;
  • competition compliance and training.

Our Competition Law Practice is at the forefront of advising clients on dealing effectively with market investigations and, as a result, you can rely on us to:

  • advise on the chance of avoiding any investigation in the first place, assessing the strength of your case and identifying the key issues;
  • advise on commercial strategy throughout a competition authority investigation;
  • advise on the likelihood of success and tactical and policy considerations; and
  • liaise and negotiate with the relevant authorities.

Our Competition Law Practice provides premerger advice, drafts merger notifications, advises on merger investigations, offers practical solutions and settlements, and acts in related litigation. We advise on the competition law implications of mergers, joint ventures and other complex transactions and we work to ensure our clients’ business practices and strategies are compliant with competition rules. This includes:

  • advising on the likelihood of clearance and possible remedies;
  • presenting the deal to the relevant competition authorities, or complaining about a supplier or rival’s merger;
  • drafting notifications for mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; and
  • liaising and negotiating with the competition authorities, including (where necessary) negotiating remedies or conditional clearances with the authorities.

Furthermore we have expertise on the competition law and intellectual property interface. We act on complaints, claims and defences involving the assertion of competition law in an intellectual property context. Our Competition Law Practice covers all aspects of competition law and intellectual property licensing and involves complex economic and technical issues about pricing, network access, R&D, IP, technology collaboration agreements, software and content licensing, manufacturing, marketing, agency and distribution agreements, service supply and dispute settlement arrangements.

Based on the above, our Competition Law Practice responds to clients’ needs in a broad range of issues, including:

  • General Antitrust Counseling
  • Competition Law Compliance
  • Anticompetitive Agreements
  • Abuse of Dominance
  • Competition and Regulatory Investigations
  • Mergers, Joint Ventures & Acquisitions
  • Antitrust & Intellectual Property
  • State Aid
  • Cartels
  • Competition Litigation